Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling much better

This flu is nasty business! I followed all the guidelines and had no fever all day yesterday. By early evening I was still exhausted. I’m feeling considerably better today; no fever, no aches, and my energy and outlook are incrementally improved. All good signs and quite a relief after nearly a week of feeling crummy.

Note to self: Don’t fool around with this next year; get a flu shot.


Dianne said...

Glad you're feeling better and sorry I've been so long touching base with you.....we've been a bit busy since arriving Feb.2, just seeing friends and getting into this campground lifestyle again....Saturday we'll move on to Sarasota (Keri's area)for a month. Keep feeling better and don't rush the recovery! GET A FLU SHOT NEXT YEAR,just got my first this year! Love ya, Dianne

Ceil said...

So good to hear from you Dianne! I'm glad you're enjoying being back in Florida. I could use a bit of that warm weather myself right about now. It's that time of year when winter has worn out its welcome.

You're lucky if the flu shot worked for you. The reports I've heard say that this year's batch of vaccine didn't match to a lot of strains that emerged later in the season, so even people who had the shot ended up getting the flu. I'll probably still get one next year.

My cough lasted at least a week longer than the other flu symptoms, but I seem to be fully over it now.

Stay well!