Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Our newly sworn in governor, David Paterson, in office less than twenty-four hours, was already dishing details of his sex life! The eager news hounds lapped up the fact that both he and his wife indulged in extra-marital affairs at a time when it seemed their marriage was headed for failure.

These two people have worked through their troubles, repaired their relationship, and reconciled. Having been married myself, I know this healing process can take monumental efforts of forgiveness and humility. But soul-searching and growth doesn’t make news; the comfort they sought in others when they couldn’t get it from each other does. David Paterson knows that secrets equate to dirt, so he offered up the information in a proactive press conference, before it became an issue, to fend off snoops intending to dig surprises out of his closet.

While I’m glad the governor appears to be an open and honest person, this move strikes me as na├»ve and, well, icky. The details of his wounded marriage are simply none of my business. I’m not sure I like his instincts; I’d much prefer to see him maintain the boundaries of his private life without inviting the press in. Which is much easier said than done, I’m sure. Just look at the many different ways celebrities handle being in the spotlight.

The only important question is: can he do his job?

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