Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For my sister

My sister is scheduled to have major surgery on Thursday. She’s undergone this procedure before, so she knows what she’s in for. She put it off as long as she could, weighing the misery of the anticipated surgery against the chronic back pain it will address. But the time has come and she’s nervous, preoccupied, and upset by the prospect.

My relationship with my sister has taken various twists and turns through the course of our lives, but most recently, I'm aware of how precious she really is. We’ve put a lot of our ancient competitiveness behind us, and are able to accept each other more readily than ever. I don’t know why it took so long, but this stage is a treasure nonetheless.

My head is filled with thoughts about her coming ordeal, and my heart goes out to her.


Anonymous said...

I am also very glad that the walls have come down. The early years were tough and we each put up our own barriers for protection. Unfortunately, we didn't always keep track of who the enemy was.
Your blog entry about me and my surgery means a lot. Thanks, Ceil. Love to you, Terri

Ceil said...

I'm always hesitant to reveal private details about people who haven't chosen to be in my not so private blog. But I did want to make sure you know that I'm with you on this and will do whatever I can to help you through it.

Love you too... Ceil