Saturday, July 12, 2008

Disrupted patterns

I’ve always been a good sleeper; rarely had any trouble falling asleep, and mostly slept through the night. These are exceptional times.

In the last year I’ve had many instances of waking at 4am or so. The thoughts and anxieties that wake me make it difficult to get back to sleep once I’ve had four or five hours sleep.

Lately I’ve gotten into a terrible pattern. It’s almost every other night that I can’t fall asleep at all. Sometimes I get up and read or try to work. Or I just lie awake listening to radio news (sleep-inducing noise) until about 4am. The next night I’m so exhausted I sleep through the night. But being depressed, I then may sleep for ten or more hours. The next night it starts again: I can’t fall asleep.

I’ve always been an avid eater. I’ve heard that some people lose their appetite when depressed, but that was never me. I’ve mostly used food to curb anxiety.

Not now. Now, food holds little appeal. I eat less and rarely get pleasure from it. The only satisfaction comes from knowing I made it through another day and managed to feed myself.

Stress may be more devastating than cancer. I wonder what it’s doing to my health.


SusieQ said...

News radio is hardly "sleep inducing noise". Try something that your brain doesn't want to focus on (words) (or that doesn't get your blood pressure up because of content) :-)

Can you take antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication?

Ceil said...

But that's just it, I don't want to focus on words. And I so distrust the media that it's easy for me to block out their lies and their hype. It's perfect for me.

Music, on the other hand, is something I do like to concetrate on. It draws me in. I want to digest the lyrics. Quite the opposite of news.

I am still on the antidepressant my doctor prescribed for me a few months ago. It's served to clear up my head, but not my financial situation. :)