Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Plan B and a half

I got to the cancer center this morning with computer, clothes, and personal items in tow, ready to start pumping Genasense into my mediport IV and then head for the hospital. As I waited in the exam room for the pre-treatment meeting with my doctor I could hear bits of conversation in the hall. They were talking about me. Things were not going to proceed as planned….

There were a number of reasons to pull the plug again today. Top on the list were the hospital arrangements. It seems there was no guarantee of a room, availability going first to ER patients who are stacked up in hallways as I witnessed firsthand two weeks ago. In addition, the oncology nurse stationed at the hospital is on vacation this week. Although the floor nurses are good, they are each responsible for six patients, whereas the oncology nurse is familiar with and devoted to the special needs of my situation.

There were additional issues, questions posed by the cancer center nursing staff. They didn’t like the idea of starting treatment in one place and moving me to another venue. What if I had a reaction in transit? Who in the hospital has experience with a pump and mediport and can start my IV? Where would they prepare the drug and pump, in hospital or in the cancer center pharmacy? And how will they get the drug to me?

So we’re making progress. We still have a plan, but we also have another delay. I have another week to feel good and energetic and they have another week to work out the details. It’s a bit disappointing to be prepared to move ahead and then have to wait, but it’s not anywhere near as bad as not knowing.

I will get a phone call Sunday telling me when to show up at the hospital Monday morning. Two of my regular nurses will be there to help get things started, a nurse supervisor from the infusion floor and the nurse program coordinator in charge of research. And we should know by Tuesday how well the pre-treatment works for me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a mess! I don't know how you deal with all of this and still have any clients left. I know that just being on Jury Duty made it pretty hard for me to deal with clients because I couldn't tell them when I would be available.

--Barbara Peisch

Ceil said...

You're right about that Barbara!

My contact at my main client knows of my situation, so he's been very tolerant of my comings and goings. On the other hand, I put up with a lot with them in terms of a corporate culture I find pretty distasteful because I feel guilty about my fragmented time and concentration.

I wish I had a project that would get me free of them. But wishing doesn't make it so, and I haven't had the internal resources to deal with changing the situation... for now.

Cancer is my number one priority issue, but this has been a very demanding number two!