Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Anyone who knows me knows that I love good food.

I used to be a pretty good cook, but it was always driven by what I wanted to eat. I enjoyed getting creative, mixing and matching tastes in my head before translating them to actual dishes. These days, I prefer to have others do the cooking, but I still love sitting down to a good meal.

Yesterday I had my Abraxane infusion, and for the next few days I can expect some of the most intense side effects of the entire cycle. The cruelest of all is that it robs my sense of taste! It starts with a metallic taste in my mouth, and by tomorrow, most food won’t have more flavor than paper. At the same time, it brings intense and sudden hunger pangs that leave me weak if I ignore them.

I stopped for a slice of pizza on the way home from work and remembered what I was in for. I’d been craving the pizza, but when it got to my mouth, all I could taste was salt. I couldn't finish it.

I’m looking forward to Saturday, when my taste buds resume their normally exalted function. For sure, you’ll find me in the pizza parlor, savoring the slice I missed out on tonight!

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