Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The worst day yet

I’ve heard that chemo side effects are cumulative, so maybe today was just an increment of what I’ve felt in weeks past. I spent most of it in bed, sleeping. When awake, I was listless and crampy and vaguely nauseous. The upset stomach made me wish I was still sleeping!

All told, things haven’t been too bad, but I hope there aren't too many more days like today.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Niece! We can only say that we hope your tomorrows will only be better. Love and prayers, David and Barbara.

Ceil said...

Thank you both! Some days are hard to get through, but I appreciate that you look in on me here, and the good thoughts make things that much better.

I love you!

SusieQ said...

We're all looking in on you here, Ceil. Thanks for keeping us informed. Do you need someone to keep you company?

Ceil said...

Hi Susan. I'd love to see you if you're planning to be on this coast!

Most of the time I carry on by myself quite well, but it's comforting to know there are people around when I'm not feeling well.

The other night I had dinner in the City with my daughter. Afterward, we were walking toward the train station and I suddenly started staggering. It felt like the sidwalk tilted, first one way, then the other. I was very grateful she was there with me.

Those moments fall from the sky unpredictably. More often than not, I'm "fine."