Saturday, December 20, 2008

A better day

I awoke this morning feeling a whole lot better than I have in a long time. For one thing, I slept through the night. And in addition, I was nearly pain-free! My face was less droopy, though not completely so, and it came and went through the day. I’m encouraged from the way the day started that this Bell’s Palsy nerve damage might be a transient condition. The cosmetic distortion is unsettling, but it’s not painful.

My older daughter is still here for the rest of the weekend. By Christmas Day we’ll be gathered again, with my younger daughter, at the home of my ex/her father. His girlfriend may also be there and it should be a quiet, lounge-around day of gratitude, life, and warmth.

I’m so glad we all have this time together. And I’m grateful for the many extensions of love from my very supportive online and offline family.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo!

I don't always jump in and comment, but I keep a watch on you from afar.

Have a cozy holiday with family, and nurture your strength for the new year.

Life. Sometimes we hit many speed-bumps on the freeway of life ... but life is always a fine journey.

Suffering. Every life will have some. It is not easy, but -- having experienced it bigtime -- may I say that it can grow us in compassion.

It's like my cancer buddy Barbara once said, "I feel crappy, but I feel happy!"

Laurie Todd
Shivering in Snowy Seattle

Ceil said...

Thanks Laurie (but sorry you're shivering!). So many good points in your comment.

I'm learning an awful (awesome) lot about life in this rough spot. It certainly forces you to look at thngs from different perspectives. You surely know that firsthand.

I like that picture too. It suits the side of me that takes an ecumenical approach to life.