Thursday, June 21, 2007

More adventures with hair

In an attempt to be proactive, I went online to gather information about wig salons and, to my surprise, found a store not far from where I live that works hand-in-hand with insurance companies. Tiffany Wigs claims to be “the only in-network insurance provider in the Tri-State area.” I called and arranged to come right in for a consultation.

The store owner is a tough, spirited, cancer survivor who was given three months to live… fourteen years ago. We had a lot to talk about while I tried on wigs. She helped me pick out a really nice curly style very close to my own color and length. It’s top drawer, human hair, expensive.

But Phyllis insists that all she needs is a prescription and diagnosis code from my oncologist to get the whole bill paid by my insurance company. Her contract with the insurer means they’ll pay her directly without anything out of pocket from me. She says there's a one wig per lifetime benefit, so might as well make it a really good one.

I hope it works out the way she says.

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