Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My business venture

I woke up crying. Today’s the day I’m supposed to go to the bank to arrange funding for my new business.

Two months ago I found a business venture I want to pursue. I met a man at a trade show whose company helps individuals set up their own businesses providing coffee service. The product they sell is high-end, high-tech machines that grind coffee fresh for each cup of espresso, cappuccino, or American coffee they brew. The coffee coming out of those machines is superb. The machines are flexible in a lot of respects, and equally flexible is the manner in which each “operator” runs his business and interfaces with client sites.

I like it. It’s simple. The time and effort commitments are clearly defined and the outcome promises cash flow, profit, growth, and fun. In all, so different from the brain-draining computer work I’ve been involved in for nearly forty years.

At this point though, I simply don’t know what to expect. I have no idea how to factor “start a new business” into my current situation and mix of emotions. I won’t see my doctor until next week, when I’ll learn what treatment options are available. I don’t know if I’ll need surgery, or some course of treatment that will consume my time and sap my energy. How do I evaluate what it means to fund a new venture, to co-borrow money at this time, to commit myself to service I may not be able to fulfill?

I live alone. My friends and family are scattered and I have no business partner. This venture has to go on hold for the time being, but I’m really bummed about it!

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