Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pencil pushers

I'm waiting to get scheduled for that next test, a PET scan. It's a CT scan in conjunction with an injection of radioactive glucose. "Hot" cells absorb the glucose more readily than regular cells and light up from the radiation, so the docs can see where else the disease has migrated. My doctor needs the results to recommend a course of treatment.

The insurance company is haggling over whether to allow the test. They think they know better than my doctor just what constitutes valid treatment.

“Is there some way I can put pressure on the insurance company to help this situation along”, I ask the office admin. She tells me no. They haven’t denied the procedure. She’s faxed over all supporting documents and they are reviewing it. Unfortunately, she has to deal with this kind of shit all the time. If she gets the approval today, she can schedule the scan for the weekend.

And in fact she did!

Rosie’s an angel. She sees patients’ anxiety firsthand, and sees the unconcerned way the bureaucrats toy with their fates. My doctor friends are continually frustrated by those pencil pushing drones. But she does know how to get things done. Thank you, Rosie.

I have a Sunday afternoon appointment for the PET scan, and will see my oncologist the next day. I feel better already just knowing I can start to schedule other parts of my life.

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