Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No stranger to stress

I woke up with a headache yesterday and again this morning. The nurse assigned to oversee my participation in the clinical trial shrugs it off as a side effect of the anti-nausea drug I take before my Temodar chemo pill. She says it’s important to continue taking Tylenol every six hours, and that does help. But I don’t wake myself to take it, so by morning the headache has crept in.

That’s one theory.

In fact, it’s not unusual at all for me to wake up with a headache. Life is stressful, after all. Particularly so when billed activity is light, which it was for some time before this new problem landed in my lap. Now that I have an elephant in the room, following me around morning to night, it’s even more difficult to concentrate on client problems.
Billings suffer, I worry, and I wake up with headaches.

Every day's an adventure.

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