Thursday, June 28, 2007

Planned Parenthood

I saw an ad on the subway this morning: a young woman reclining, a sensual, romantic look on her face. The caption: I’m in control of myself and my future. I use condoms.

I wanted to whip out a crayon and write: You wear condoms?!

What a false sense of security! How much control can she possibly have if she needs to rely on someone else’s compliance? And how dumb is it to expect one “catch-all” to protect against all problems? Is she more concerned about pregnancy or disease? And what about unemployment and depression and failing grades? Will condoms guard against those?

Maybe I take things too literally.

But at least the fever has broken for the time being, and I've regained my sense of irony.


Ted Roche said...

That's the sassy, smart-ass Ceil I know! Hang in there, kid!

Ceil Silver said...

Thank you Ted!

So far, so good...